enabling on blockchain microtransaction channels.

microfinance, peer-2-peer

When people talk about the potential of Blockchain technology, they often mention banks as the ultimate middlemen to be disrupted. But behind our everyday online browsing there is this invisible and highly sophisticated advertising marketplace. Attention is money and the middlemen of ‘attention trading’ are the online advertising giants – Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others.

Every time you open a website, go on Twitter or watch a YouTube video, there’s a transfer of value happening in the background. A micropayment takes place – advertisers (they pay money to get your attention), publishers (they create content that you consume) and the ad platforms (the intermediaries between the previous two).

With QUEDOES, the Blockchain is no longer just about grocery store payments or even online ecommerce. The Blockchain’s killer app’ will emerge from the ‘attention economy’ and social networks where millions of users create and curate content every day.


QUEDOS runs micropayment channels that solve a multitude of problems.
Channels that enable near infinite scalability for digital payments based on the blockchain

Pure POW
8 MB
Total Supply
60 Seconds
Block Reward
"The micropayments market is currently worth $6bn, and is set to grow to over $15bn by 2016; a rate that is unique to micropayments and unparalleled in most other industries, channels, or payment types."
Valuepartners.com, Microsoft


QZAPP is a Multi-tiered application allowing users
to send and to receive micropayments. In the same way a person doesn’t need to register his name, address, and bank account to give you a $1 dollar bill in person, the same is now true in sending a QUEDOS micro transaction. QUEDOS’ micro payments API allows users to tip for content, electronic gaming, microfinance, crowdfunding, remittances and charities.
MyQUE, a peer-2-peer, decentralised, attention marketplace, allows content creators and curators to purchase highly sought after advertising space and to then trade this space with others. It allows users to invest and become shareholders in their favourite blogs and also makes it possible for social network cooperatives where proceeds from ads are redistributed directly to the top contributors on the network.
Android Wallet
Through the use of QUEDOS and its unique bundle of applications, you are now able to be paid (tipped) for sharing things that others find relevant or valuable. You are able to become a shareholder in someone’s instagram feed, and even engage in social network cooperatives where proceeds from ads are redistributed directly to the top contributors on the network. Our Android wallet bridges the gap for mobile users, allowing for a truly mobile experience.